I did something recently that I normally don’t do. I apparently started a debate about being professional and ethical on shoots. I got the various responses, I know that there are several people that I would not want to work with based on those. I don’t get how things are just black and white. I see that there are various kinds of scenarios. There are instances where things are planned and they don’t follow that plan. I do find it a huge red flag when someone is determined that there will not be a safety person at a shoot or that just checking references is enough. When you go on a job interview. You are always going to give the references that are going to give you a glowing review, right? So how is this any different?

You can have different opinions on how your modeling business can be run but, if it is run as a business. I also can’t stand when people critique photos as everyone works differently. Unless you know the end image concept, there is no reason to bash an image for certain reasons. If everyone again shot the same or looked the same, then there would be an issue for sure on how an image should look. Perception. I am working on a few different concepts. I like that they are out of the box and themed. If you are interested in working with me, please email me for more information.