Another shoot to be done today. I am sure that I have lost track of how many I have done in the last few days as they always seem to run together. I am always excited to see the images and find out what others think of the pictures. I really should update my resume pages but, I keep forgetting with the other tasks that I end up doing.

Part of the stigma of being a model is that you really don’t have what would be considered a “normal” life. And part of that is true. I don’t know a lot of people who have autograph sessions or get to roll into fancy events in various limos. Red carpets are a lot of fun to go to as well as plan the event. It is the memories that are made that last a lifetime.

Of course, that comes with the lack of sleep, the upkeep of a body, and the bills that of course people have to pay regardless of what profession that you are in. You read those studies of who can’t even afford the five-hundred-dollar emergency as they don’t have it. I guess there is some sense into having a rainy-day slush fund.