April is here and that bring back a lot of memories. I lost my job this time last year. One of my family members went through a tornado EF2 scale back in 1998. A lot happens during the month of April. I take a little time ad reflect but, I am determined to make it better. Sometimes that works and other times it does not. I want things to work out and when they don’t I guess I get a little disappointed.

I do have to give a shout out to my real and true friends, family, and fans. You guy are the best and I know I would not be able to get through some of these crazy times without you. There is one person that has been there for me through everything. I would not be able to half of the stuff without him. He is amazing, hands down.

I am hoping that April will be kind. I am crossing my fingers for the positive to come into play. I am hoping also for the memories to continue.