I really had thought that I had slept past my alarm. I woke up at like two in the morning. I hate it when that happens as you then wonder how soon you can fall back asleep and if you will get all of the hours that you are actually needing not to drag into the day! Yes, that was one run on sentence from heck. My grammar teacher would not be happy with me I am sure.

Thinking on who I want to work with and why. Also getting back into things as I had to take a short break for some nice medical issues. I landed in the emergency room with a bp reading of over 200+ over 100+. That was enough to scare me quite a bit. I am usually the one who doesn’t have those medical issues but, this happened really fast. Even the paramedics who were taking readings were surprised that things were not going well.

I have in the past been in two tornadoes, one flood, and one fire. I would say that it might be anxiety or it might be just PTSD form those events. I am not sure. Sometimes when warnings or watching come up, I am ok. Other times. I just think that they are coming back for me and that just am going to have a heart attack right then. Just got to suck it up and get back at it. Life is too short to wait and then figure things out. You then of course might have missed things.