I have to say that I am ready for this year to be over. Not that it was a bad year but, that it had too many major setbacks and changes. I was ready for a smooth year this year. That was the plan, which did not happen. I got to meet some awesome people this year. The new Direct Selling companies have been a lot of fun to work with. I have been able to shoot some but, not as much as I thought I would be able to. My medical issues were a major issue on that as I was not really able to take the hours needed to have the successful shoot. Onto 2018.

I did want to flick a few people off and take a few more people onto the BLOCK list for all eternity. I am known to semi hold a grudge. I tend to be hurt more when there is no communication. I also have been lied to tons this year. Not just from a personal standpoint, a professional standpoint as well. I found that people were trying to make me out to be one person and when they really didn’t know the situation, then things again changed. Everyone loves pointing a finger. It is the easy way out.