I find myself asking this as I have been employed through several staffing agencies. I have always had two careers. I have my modeling one and then I have my admin one. I try to keep the separate at all times but, this time I find my emotions running into the other. I hate the feeling when you are not sure on what you are supposed to do or what you are supposed to say.

It feels like a first date. When you are going through your closet and finding that outfit that you want to remember until the relationship is over. You find it. You put it out on the bed and make sure that you can rock the date with the outfit that would or should be on the red carpet.

The date comes and goes and you wonder if your past will come into play with the date. Are you comparing this person to the ones you have dated in the past? All of the anxiety comes into play. You wonder if you are really making a good decision with your time or if you should have just ordered take out and called it a night.

Crazy that one piece of paper and the past can determine your future. You are expected to make mistakes. You are expected to have had a life. It is what you make of it, which really can tell you and only you what you are worth.